Most Wanted goes On The Run in Summer 2021

Following a year of travel restrictions, Most Wanted Wines are more excited than ever to be out on the road, bringing our market-leading cans directly to the people this summer. We’ve packed our mini can van full of fizz and are heading to seaside towns and urban beach locations, on a mission to soak up some sun and share some cans with our Most Wanted fans.

Why? Because #ThisSummerWeCan, and we plan to make the most of it!

The ‘On The Run’ campaign is teaming up with local bar venues in Brighton, Margate, Hastings, and Manchester, sampling and selling chilled cans of Most Wanted Pinot Grigio Fizz and Pink Fizz, supported by a lower ABV alternative in the form of our refreshing PinotPinot wine Spritzer cans. Partnering with outdoor on-trade venues allows us to help the hospitality sector at a crucial time and celebrate the fact that so many UK holidaymakers will be enjoying staycations.

Alongside the Getaway Wheels, customers can try their hand at some classic beach games, with chances to win hundreds of prizes in the Getaway competition, also running over the Most Wanted Instagram feed. Top prize is a £1,000 voucher for The Pig hotels and a year’s worth of wine, with runner up prizes including vouchers for Dishpatch, the service that delivers restaurant meals to your home, plus lots of free wine and limited-edition merchandise including back packs, sweatshirts and water bottles designed by artist Pete Obsolete.

We can’t wait to see everyone and make this a Most Wanted summer to remember.