Piccini: Family legacy is our greatest treasure.

One of Italy’s best known wine producers, Piccini has weathered many changes in its 140 year history, keeping the family at the helm and modernising brand Chianti along the way. We take a moment to chat with Ginevra Piccini about diversifying during the pandemic and putting people first.

What challenges has Piccini faced in the last two years?

When the pandemic forced restaurants to close, we decided to get our premium labels onto supermarket shelves so that consumers could drink top quality wines from the comfort of their own home. Alongside this, we shifted our focus onto online platforms, our efforts paid off and online sales increased by 300%. In the last two years, we have also undertaken a strategic repositioning which has led to the inauguration of a new production centre, accompanied by a total rebranding of the Piccini group.

The last two years reminded us that even in the darkest moments Italy will always be able to count on an inestimable treasure: our extraordinary beauty. We are the country that has dedicated centuries to creating masterpieces that today, more than ever, must inspire our actions and guide our restart.

How has becoming a people-centric business impacted Piccini’s success?

We have tried to overcome the difficulties generated by Covid-19 with energy and determination, we believe that the difference, especially in times of crisis, is always made by the people. Hence why we have chosen to diversify the channels through which we reach out and stay close to the consumer. The difficulties we experienced with the on-trade sector during Covid19 led us to enhance our presence in large retails and above all in e-commerce. As a result of the growth from this, Piccini now has 99 specialised employees within the group.

What sets Piccini aside from its competitors?

Today, Piccini represents one of the most dynamic and innovative companies throughout the Italian wine scene. Our winery boasts a family history encompassing 140 years. Since 1882 our family has always held the reins of the company. This legacy is our greatest treasure; it forms out strong identity that consumers recognise and trust. You sip a glass of Piccini and you join our family.

How has Piccini stayed innovative in the ever-evolving wine industry?

The past year marked a crucial stage in the digital revolution where events shifted from in-person to online. For this reason we strengthened the tools of digital communication, establishing a stronger bond with our customers. The markets require clarity, sincerity and precision, combined with a deeper attention to the territory and quality.

Today more than ever we feel the need to offer the consumer a product which reflects the excellence and respect for our territory. This translates into the incomparable loyalty which our customer have for our brand. Piccini is an easy brand to love because we consistently offer authentic, high quality wines at an affordable price. We believe this is why both Piccini and the wine we create is supported by more than 80 countries worldwide.

Which family values have been passed down throughout the years?

Above all, Piccini is a story of a great family passion. Easy bottle produced, represents a whole range of values which we want to communicate: family, tradition and dynamism. Throughout Piccini’s history, the previous generations have handed down their passion for wine and Italian culture. It is a story of adventure, hard work and wisdom. Each generation has kept the teachings of the previous one, but always look to the future with ambition and innovation.

Our founder Angiolo Piccini loved to repeat: “It doesn’t matter how much you do, but how much passion you put into what you do”.

Which stage of the winemaking process is the most difficult?

Winemaking is a process full of challenges: from harvest to aging, through the development of a project and agronomic techniques. I can only say which is the easiest stage: drinking it!

If we were to visit Tuscany for the day, where would you suggest visiting?

It would be very hard to enjoy all the beauty of Tuscany in one single day. Our land never ceases to amaze, from medieval villages to the Renaissance splendour of Florence. But for a single day visit we would recommend the calm and smooth beauty of the Chianti hills, on our family estate in Valiano.