A Century of Tuscan Gold

Passion, audacity, and dynamism. These are the defining features that Piccini, has embodied for over a century. Led by Mario Piccini, the Group has consistently made ambition its touchstone, while maintaining a strong sense of family identity. Across more than 140 years and five generations, their objective has remained steadfast: to showcase Italy’s heritage through its finest wines which are characterised by the winery’s commitment territorial expression.

Throughout its history, Piccini has remained deeply rooted in its Tuscan origins. Nestled in the heart of the Chianti region lies the company’s flagship line: the “Collezione Oro,” which brings together the finest Italian appellations under one banner. Mario Piccini introduced this line to reinvigorate the brand in the Italian market, tracing a journey from the Tuscan hills:

“Collezione Oro,” explains Mario Piccini, “came at a pivotal moment for us. Having conquered international markets, it was time to make our mark at home. Drawing from our experiences abroad, we adapted quickly, meeting the ever-changing demands of the market. Our intuition paid off: the perfect balance between quality and market appeal allowed our line of wines to gain the consumer’s trust in a short time.”

Every year, over 2 million bottles of “Collezione Oro” find their way to Italian tables, with Chianti Riserva standing out. Consequently, the line has become an icon for Piccini, much like the beloved Chianti Orange

“The success of Collezione Oro,” notes Mario Piccini, “is rooted in our mission: to bring quality to all through an accessible product.”

However, the Piccini family’s devotion to their land doesn’t stop there. They are soon set to introduce a new label of the esteemed Chianti Superiore DOCG appellation to the UK market. This wine adheres to stricter specifications, ensuring a higher level of exclusivity and quality.