From Chianti Hills to Global Elegance: The Piccini Legacy

The history of the Piccini family begins in 1882, amidst the Chianti hills. Here, the young Angiolo, heir to a family of merchants, pursued his dream by founding a small winery in the heart of Tuscany. From this plot of land, Angiolo and his heirs brought the Piccini name to every corner of the globe, shaping the fortunes of Tuscan wine. From generation to generation, the company has continued to face the future with courage and ambition. Over time, the family has strategically invested in various Chianti Regions, from the renowned Chianti Classico to the emerging territories of Tuscan wine in Maremma and along the Tuscan coast. It is here where the Piccini family cultivate Prosae, an organic wine crafted without the addition of sulphites. Grapes are sourced from vineyards nestled along the Gulf of Follonica, where indigenous varieties have flourished for centuries, harmonizing with the distinctive climatic conditions. However, the Tuscan coast predominantly represents the birthplace of the Costa Toscana IGT appellation. Grapes cultivated along the Tuscan coast benefit from the cooling influence of sea breezes and the extended sunlit seasons typical of Tuscan summers. Consequently, the resulting wines boast enhanced freshness and aromatic fruity profiles. These regions also serve as the cradle of Histrio, Piccini’s Toscana IGT wine vinified in amphorae- a traditional production method that allows the wine to receive oxygen without acquiring tertiary aromas. This method of vinification results in wines displaying exceptional freshness and remarkable stability. Since 1882, Piccini has proudly preserved its Tuscan heritage while spreading its reach across Italy. In 2011, Mario Piccini, the Group’s President, launched a new line to celebrate his homeland: Memoro. Created for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification, Memoro, meaning” memory,” pays tribute to our Latin roots through one of Italy’s greatest treasures: wine, combining the best grapes from four corners of Italy, with the goal of creating the finest blend of the Bel Paese (Beautiful Country). From this vision came Memoro Bianco Italian cuvée. Delicate hints of white and yellow fruits mix with vibrant tropical notes. The fresh, clear palate offers a brilliant concentration of fruit, with pear notes leading to a delightful finish. The journey continues with Memoro Rosato, a classic Italian rosé with a full and crisp flavour. The aroma is immediately captivating with hints of raspberry, redcurrant, and subtle mint. These fruity flavours continue the palate, with bursts of cherry and nuances of strawberry and raspberry.