Discovering The Wanderer

The Wanderer Malbec is rich and full bodied, with layers of velvety black fruits, hints of spice and smooth oak flavours. Uniquely made with grapes ripened for longer in the sun-soaked San Juan valleys of Argentina, resulting in a bold, rich, and much smoother red wine. The extra-special, printed bottle displays a gutsy design, complete with real gold ink. Perfect for gifting, serving with friends and definitely one to put on display.

The Wanderer has taken the hard journey, unearthed those special grapes and bottled that bold, smooth flavour. So, all you need to do is fire up the BBQ, chargrill your smoked meats and summer BBQ favourites, pour a glass, and relax.

Oozing a boundless lust for life and adventure – The Wanderer really is a Malbec like no other.

The Wanderer has already seen success with listings secured in Morrisons from May, Sainsbury’s from July alongside other export markets in 2022.