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Maison du Vin

Launched in October 2021 with Crémant de Loire (available in Co-op), Maison du Vin is Off-Piste Wines’ brand new French range, taking its cue from the simple notion that wine should be fun.

Forget the intimidating wine chat, the dusty clichés, the incomprehensible labels. Maison du Vin offers a fresh, unfussy take on French wines. Stripping away the confusion and replacing it with clarity. Deliciously refreshing clarity. Keeping it classic, but losing the baggage.

Welcome home to French wine. A remarkable variety of wines from across France, found neatly under one roof. From the classics to lesser-known treasures, and everything in between. One thing’s for certain – you’re always welcome in this house.

More wines coming your way very soon!

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